Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Director of Education’s Statement on Transfers

Director of Education, Clare Browne, wishes to inform the general public that transfers will not be granted to parents/guardians making requests on behalf of Grade Six students, unless in unique circumstances.

Already, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries is bombarded with requests for alternative secondary school placements following the release of results on Friday.

According to Mr. Browne, in the unique circumstances, the reasons for the requests must be compelling and will be carefully reviewed before a decision is made to grant or deny said request.

Further, requests must be made in writing to Director of Education, Clare Browne, Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries, Government Office Complex, Queen Elizabeth Highway.

Decisions will be communicated to applicants via letters.

Appointments to meet with the Director of Education are not being allowed.



  1. Anonymous

    The same statement is made every year and we still see NUMEROUS transfers. The powers of pull string, politics, friend and company and under the table arrangements.

  2. Anonymous

    Public announcement: Mark the date for AGHS and AGS registration and check the ‘transferred students’ section and you will see if the yearly statement is valid.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO one else can go to PMS. The school is bursting at its seams. 186 students assigned!! NO more can hold.

    LOOK at the numbers assigned to these school…
    Irene B Williams 37, Glanvilles 25, St Mary’s Centre30 and Pares 33. They all have small numbers. Take this into consideration with your transfers and the “unique” cases

    Those numbers are actually class sizes at schools like PMS and OCS.


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