Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

DNA Candidate for St Mary’s South to Contest Upcoming By-Election

By Aabigayle McIntosh


After amassing only 12 votes in the January 18th polls, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate for the St Mary’s South constituency Andrew Antonio is back hoping to do better a second time around.

Antonio announced this week that he intends to contest the impending by-election in the constituency whenever it is called.

This means he will once again face off with the United Progressive Party’s Kelvin “Shugy” Simons and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Parties- Samantha Marshall.

“I Andrew Antonio will be contesting the by-election for the Democratic National Alliance. With a whole heart with the idea of prosperity the idea of change with the idea of growth in my mind continuously.

“I believe that it is not a waste of time to do so as this is an opportunity day-in-day-out to show the people of St Mary’s South and Antigua and Barbuda where they could lay their trust in the future for themselves and for generations to come, Antonio said.

His statement came on the heels of the decision by the High Court to dismiss a petition challenging the validity of Kelvin “Shugy” Simon’s election as MP

The case had been put before the court in regard to the legitimacy of Simon’s election win on January 18 as he did not resign from his position in the public service at the time of his nomination.

The embattled opposition MP resigned from the post weeks ago in an attempt to avoid the lengthy court process. His resignation triggered a by-election to select a representative from the constituency.

For those who may think the overall leadership of the country will not change despite the victor in the by-election, Antonio is insisting that something will change.

“We need to have the idea that it takes governance to make a change and make a difference the power is in your hands people of Antigua and Barbuda,” Antonio said.


  1. Anonymous National

    Is this a joke? Seriously!

  2. Teacher For Life

    So, more politricks and shennanigans! A vote splitter. My my…Hopefully, the constituents of SMS will not allow this to distract them from voting for Mr. Simon realizing that this distraction is to have this young man to hopefully get the previous election’s 200 votes so that Marshall wins this time around. Don’t be fooled.

  3. Mae

    If he get one vote someone sorry for him. After he has taken Shuggy to court. A man God have chosen for St Mary’s South. Antonio, you have messed with God plans and you will surely pay.


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