Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Man damages another’s doorknob in an attempt to break in for unpaid gas tank


By Zaya Williams


A small unpaid debt caused a man to commit a crime that landed him in court last week.

The man, Walton Joseph, damaged a person’s door knob and hinge because the man owed him money for a gas cylinder he sold him.

On July 1 at around 11am  the defendant went to an apartment complex in town and knocked on the door of a tenant several times but the tenant did not respond.

Joseph then used a pipe wrench to hit the tenants door knob and hinge worth a little over $85 in an attempt to break it.

The matter was reported to the police and the defendant was subsequently charged with malicious damage.

He was in court last week for the crime and explained that the person renting that apartment owed him money so when he saw his car parked outside he went to knock on the door.

In a turn of events, Joseph now owes the man whom he claims owes him.

He was ordered to compensate the complainant for the damages.


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