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8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

ABWU accuses PM Browne of Attacking Port Workers to Distract its Failures

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne

The Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union is accusing Prime Minister Gaston Browne of attacking employees in the country, following statements he made on Pointe FM Saturday.

Browne said the ABWU continues to make demands on the government and government agencies when it comes to salaries and wages.

Browne said if salaries and wages are not sustained, there will be a problem of sustainability for the Antigua Port Authority. He said longshore men for example make more than $160,000 annually.

The prime minister believes that the Union intends to see the government fail

The finance minister said there should be a review of the operations of the Port before any salary review can take place.

But the ABWU said in a statement released last night that this is far from the truth

“Not one longshoreman earns that amount in a year. More so, the Prime Minister is outrightly lying to the public. We wish to advise the Prime Minister and inform the country that the question of overtime and royalties are not paid by the Port nor the Government; they are charged to and paid by the vessel or its agent. The Prime Minister was misled as to this fact,” the statement said

The union in their response, the Union said it continues to be the organization of choice in Antigua and Barbuda, owing to its vision for progress and its exemplary service to its membership for over 56 years.

“As such, it should have been no surprise to him that workers at WIOC voted overwhelmingly for the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union to assume bargaining rights during a recent ballot. The question we would ask the Prime Minister — and would wish for him to advise the nation on — is whether his recent comments have anything to do with the Exim Bank’s demand for the Port to meet its obligations on its loan payment to the Bank. Was the Government served with a demand notice in the recent meeting with the Exim Bank because of its inability to meet its loan payment?’ the statement said

 On the issue of wages, the ABWU said the Prime Minister must understand the inherent value of these jobs at the Port.

“Many of the jobs have been in existence long before he became Prime Minister and will remain long after he leaves the office of Prime Minister. The risks involved in these jobs and with the watchful eyes of the Union, over the years, have brought great benefits to the individuals who perform these tasks. The Union has been supportive of the Port’s redevelopment initiative. We have amended our collective agreement to allow for the Port to be able to deliver goods to customers within a reasonable time by facilitating three shifts and extending the work week,” the ABWU wrote.

Saying, “The port continues to operate up until 4:00 pm because of the Government’s inability to modernize the operation of the Port by paying the Customs and Excise department overtime for working beyond 3:30 pm, therefore extending the operation”.

In which modern society will you find a port closing at 3:30 PM every day — even on weekends?, the ABWU asked in its statements.

‘The Prime Minister should be focused on expanding the operating hours by resolving the issues with the Customs department, rather than picking a fight with us who are performing and producing — a fight he cannot win!”

Meanwhile, the ABWU is calling on the prime minister to stop his threats against port workers on the island

“We call on him now to cease his unwarranted attacks. The workers at the Port kept this country afloat during the pandemic. They are essential workers and not laborers. They are skilled operators and qualified tally clerks who work hard. The attitude of the Prime Minister in his condescending remarks seems to suggest that Port workers are ignorant unskilled laborers who earn above their ability. This is far from the truth! We wish to remind him that these workers voted in the last election and will vote in future elections,” the ABWU added

The Union said while striking is their last weapon and final resort, it is a fundamental right in the pursuit of justice, “and that right will never be denied to us. So, if we must use it, we will at any time against any employer, even Government. We do not care which Political Party is in control of the Government. We put you on notice that you will not ever be allowed to take away our right to strike”

Furthermore, the ABWU said the Prime Minister’s constant attack on organized Labour is much cause for concern.

“We have sent the clip of his attack to the International Transport Workers Federation and they have expressed concern over his insulting remarks towards workers and their representative. We at the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union, therefore, condemn these vulgar remarks and consider them a distraction from the real issue of the Government’s inability to meet its payment to the Exim Bank. We further caution the Prime Minister from idly threatening the jobs of ordinary working-class people,” the Union said

But Prime Minister Gaston Browne is not taking back his words.

He further solidified his statements by saying that at the end of the day, it’s caution about allowing salaries and wages to gallop too far beyond the value of the job.

“It has implications for the viability and sustainability of the Port, as well as Job sustainability. Realignments to include increased productivity, improved service quality, reasonable demands for increases, and an attitudinal shift are required in the interest of all.  Shooting the messenger is not the answer. Who don’t hear will feel”, he told Antigua News

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