Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man pulls modified flare gun on another, fined for illegal possession of firearm

By Zaya Williams


One man’s rage landed him in the arms of law enforcement officials earlier this week, leaving him with a $2500 debt.

Dequan Browne was found in possession of a modified flare gun and one round of ammunition on July 9.

On Sunday morning, Browne got into an altercation with a man at Greenbay Hill.

The fight escalated to the point where the defendant got on his bike, rode off, and said that he is going for his gun and will return.

The defendant later returned with an object in his waist. The complainant’s mother who was on the scene then got in between the two men and struggle began between all of the parties causing the handle of a flare gun to break. It fell to the ground from his pant waist.

The incident was reported to the Gray’s Farm Police station and officers found the broken gun and one 9mm round of ammunition.

Officers then apprehended him and charged him.

He appeared in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and was fined $2000 for the gun and $500 for the bullet.


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