Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Man Says Pressure from Courts for Loan Payment Forced Him to Steal and Forge Check

By Zaya Williams


The pressure of owing Courts apparently caused a man to steal and forge a check in the hope of paying off a loan to stay out of prison.

But the man still ended up behind bars for committing three serious offenses.

Jamal Mussington was sentenced to six months imprisonment yesterday for larceny, uttering and forgery.

He moved in quickly towards a truck, took up the man’s check book, swiped a page, and filled out the check inputting the sum of $4000, topping it off with a fake signature.

The accused then rushed to Courts Furnishings and attempted to pay a loan, perhaps not knowing that the cashier would have to confirm the authenticity of the form of payment.

The cashier called the complainant and he informed them that the check was forged.

He then reported the matter to the police who picked up the defendant, questioned him, and charged him.

Mussington blamed his frustration on his poor judgment and told the court that Courts threatened to jail him if he didn’t pay the monies owed.

However, this explanation did not save him from being sent to His Majesty’s Prison by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.


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