Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

SIDS Conference in Antigua Could Mark Major Turning Point for Future of Island Nations

Plans for the hosting of the 4th Small Island Developing States Conference in Antigua and Barbuda is gaining momentum. The once-in-every-decade meeting is being held in the twin island state. It is expected to bring together hundreds of top decision-makers from around the world

Not only will the SID conference provide a unique opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda, but the event comes as SIDS continue to face constant pressure on their economies from burdensome debt and the devastating consequences of climate change.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mr. Tumasie Blair told a High-Level Political Forum in New York that the time has come for a tectonic shift from traditional approaches and perhaps next year’s meeting in Antigua and Barbuda, with the unprecedented global attention it will receive, will emerge as their best possible chance yet.

“The 4TH SIDS Conference presents the opportune time for us to make our demands known and no longer retreat until our demands are met. The current global outlook demands a global shift for SIDS, perhaps we ourselves need to shift how we shape our asks’ by moving them from mere requests to demands,” he said

Blair said all must be done to ensure that SIDS makes meaningful use of the remaining months until the conference to impact and influence every possible opportunity to ensure SIDS4 is a resounding success.

He said SIDS, especially Antigua and Barbuda, need to take advantage of every opportunity before the Conference to make their demands known and forcefully insert their perspectives at major events.

“There are numerous global events that will help pave the way to SIDS4, processes inside the United Nations and external to the UN. All must be seen as important and of equal weight. We must engage with each and all of them. We must have a say in policy directives and we must ensure that the means of implementation accompany those directives,” he continued.

Out of the 4th Conference will come the “Antigua and Barbuda Accord for SIDS” otherwise known as ABAS.


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