Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

MP Richard Lewis Continues to Deliver

Press Statement


MP for St. John’s Rural West, Richard Lewis, has maintained his pledge to continue to assist the Rural West constituency by addressing the myriad of issues plaguing residents of the community. 

He recently collaborated with service personnel to address and resolve a long-term drain issue at the busy intersection of Federation Road and College Street.

To complete this project, MP Lewis utilized the services of workers from the Ministry of Works who provided the labour. 

Lewis, with assistance from Auckland “Allie” Lewis and Craig Mason, provided all the steel and concrete used in the project.

He is grateful for the assistance received, and is full of praise for the workmen and the way they applied their willingness and skills to the task. He is especially heartened by the words of approval he has received from the residents of the constituency for taking the initiative to address the problem despite the lack of Government resources.

MP Lewis has said that there are other projects in the pipeline to be completed in Rural West.  He has promised to give further updates on his continuing work in the constituency via his Facebook page at Richard S. Lewis and print media.

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  1. Teacher For Life

    Now that’s the spirit….this is how we make Antigua better.!!


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