Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

58 Year Old Injured In Freak Accident at Deep Water Habour


A 58 year old man who works for Carib Seas has been admitted to hospital following a freak accident at the Cargo Port at Deep Water Harbour Tuesday afternoon. He sustained serious injuries, influding to his hip, after being pinned between a truck and a container.

He was reportedly attending to a container when the driver of a truck reversed, pushing him against the container. The driver had reportedly not seen him. The Emergency Medical Services received the call at 12:12pm and provided initial treatment before delivering the man to the hospital at 12:48pm.

Port Manager, Darwin Telemaque says discussions will be held with the agent as part of investigations into the incident and to reinforce safety modalities. Telemaque also visited the hospital to check on the injured man. He says while the shipping agent is primarily responsible for his welfare, the Port Authority stands ready to assist, if required.

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  1. Mea

    Accidents happen at any time. However, it is time for the Port to update its safety measures. That must have been some reverse that you could not see someone in the rear mirror or side mirrors; just saying. Again accidents do happen.


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