Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

PM Browne holds discussions with UNESCO Director-General

Prime Minister Gaston Browne held talks with the Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay during a meeting on Wednesday.

The discussions were held when Browne paid an official visit to UNESCO’s headquarters

According to a press statement, the dialogue was held on the protection of the oceans and the environment as a universal cultural asset of humanity and the promotion of exchanges and partnerships between countries for education, particularly international university students’ exchanges;

Discussions were also held on the improvement of access to information technologies an essential cultural and educational vector for developing States or with geographical particularities

Browne said during the meeting that he has full confidence in his new Ambassador “for this important representation of Antigua and Barbuda to UNESCO, which involves many issues of high importance for the country”

Browne and the Director-General also discussed establishing capacity building in Antigua and Barbuda to protect and track the country’s cultural assets, and to improve education infrastructure and human resources in relation to new technologies and artificial intelligence.

“It is very important for each country to be autonomous in matters of information technology, especially in relation to the development of artificial intelligence, and the institutions of multilateral diplomacy which have a crucial role to play in this area, in particular UNESCO,” Browne said

Ambassador of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States to the World Trade Organization Colin Murdoch, and other international organizations in Geneva, as well as Timothée Bauer, Deputy Permanent Delegate for Antigua and Barbuda, were in attendance at the meeting.

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