Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Gonzalves Says Wednesdays Killers Will be Brought to Justice

Those responsible for the killing of five men in St Vincent and the Grenadines will be brought to justice says Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Last night five people died in a mass shooting in Kingstown.

Dr. Ralph Gonzalves said on Thursday that the incident was a terrible tragedy.

In a video message from Morrocco, Gonzalves said also called for calm and for persons not to panic.  

“We have to be resolute in fighting the criminals. There are ramped-up measures that are being taken and for tactical and operational reasons I can’t say what all those measures are.  But I want to appeal to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, people in the communities to assist the police with any information you may have” he said

The police service, along with customs and immigration is on high alert, Gonzalves said who he said have given him the assurance that certain leads are being followed.

He assured residents in St Vincent and the Grenadines the government will get to the bottom of the matter, saying that it will be top on the agenda of his administration

 “This fascination with guns… and the guns coming from the United States of America… and the ease in which they come in… and then it is mixed with drugs and other matters of vanity and all kinds of quests for power through the gun… we have to look and see if there are external involvements of one kind or another. We will try to get to the bottom of it and be calm…don’t panic,” he said in his virtual message

“We will get to the bottom of this and we will bring the perpetrators to justice. Those who carried out the killings and those who are the authors, even if they didn’t pull the trigger themselves”, he said 

The prime minister has extended condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.  

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  1. Anonymous

    With all this gun violence in the caribbean, where is left for retirees living abroad to come home to?


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