Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Lawyer said the police were recklessly wrong when they detained a Dominican business

By Aabigayle McIntosh

The Attorney representing the Dominican Businessman who was deported from the state remains highly annoyed at the police’s handling of the matter.

Wendel Robinson is arguing that the entire situation was mishandled and it appeared the police were ill-informed about how to handle matters involving the issuance of Interpol Notices.

“The police had it recklessly wrong. Sometimes the police do not understand these intricacies especially sometimes at the senior level, unfortunately, if you are not exposed to these things then you should ask questions.

“When I was commissioner and I did not know something, I called upon Sir Wright George, I will call on Mr. Rolston Pompey. If I need a strategy, I will call upon Elton Martin because these are the architects that have been there before me,” Robinson said.

Robinson also went on to state that his client was not served with any notice or any warnings when he was detained.

“One cannot make an arrest on mere red notice it may have been done in the past. When I was Commissioner of Police issues of red notice come to my attention but based on the training that I have had, I happen to know you cannot arrest someone on just a red notice”, Robinson said.

He suggested what the police should have done was to monitor the individual from the time of his arrival until his departure.

The noted attorney also said the local officers should have obtained warrants to support their actions.

Around two weeks ago, Dowlin Alexander, who is wanted by Interpol on drug trafficking claims, was arrested when he arrived at the V.C Bird International Airport.

24 hours later he was sent back to Dominica.

Alexander, through his legal team, is now taking legal action against the Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin and Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney alleging unlawful arrest, unlawful detention, breach of his liberty and his movements, and a breach of his rights under the treaty of Basseterre.

The legal documents have already been filed in the court.

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  1. Question???

    Something fishy here; why was this man not arrested in Dominica since the interpol warrant is also with the Dominica police ?


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