Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Liberta Teen Is First Recipient Of JCI Antigua Youth Empowerment Programme Scholarship

Two students of the Antigua State College recently received assistance towards their studies for the upcoming school year through collaborative efforts of JCI Antigua and Grant Thornton.

The organization’s Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) through its Youth Empowerment through Education Initiative last Tuesday awarded Vinne-Cara Lindsey with a full scholarship to cover fees at the Antigua State College for the academic year 2023-2024.

Jadon Reid who came close to receiving the scholarship was supported with his request for a laptop that was made possible through Happy Kids.

Chairperson Aneika Davis stated that “We firmly believe that this opportunity will provide the students with the necessary assistance required to complete their college education without the burden of fees and resources. We express heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors Grant Thornton and Happy Kids for their generous donations in making this noble initiative a success.”

“To all applicants, we were truly moved and inspired by each story. We are proud of your unwavering commitment to your personal development and that of your wider community. We take this opportunity to wish you every success in all your future endeavours.”

Deputy Chair Akilah Anderson added. The Youth Empowerment Programme specifically focuses on the development of our nation’s youth, including its production of the annual prestigious YEP Awards which is slated for November 26, 2023.

JCI Antigua President Laurel Jonas said, “JCI Antigua believes that education is a-tool that fosters the continued development of our youths, Antigua & Barbuda and the world at large. Our young people are our future, and we will continue to engage and empower our youth through our YEP initiatives as well as our many other projects and programmes.”

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  1. Teacher For Life

    Congratulations young lady and thank you to the sponsor. More businesses and affluent citizens need to step up and do the same. The youth are our future so let’s invest in them.


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