Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Convicted Murderer Kenworth Charles to be Sentenced Today

Convicted murderer Kenworth Charles will be sentenced today Monday after being found guilty in February for killing former soldier Fitzroy Robins

Robins was killed on July 24 2020 after Charles stabbed him multiple times with a knife.

According to reports, before the deadly incident, the men first met at a bar, where Charles of Newfield, refused to pay for beers he took from a woman’s cooler. The court heard that he tried to leave but was stopped by Robins who approached him demanding that he pay for the drinks which he did. Robins according to reports was armed with a knife

It was said that the accused did return to that location until the day of the murder. The men apparently saw each other a second time and a verbal fight occurred between them, leading to a physical fight

Attorney Wendel Robinson, who is representing the defendant said Charles was under the alcoholic influence and killed Robins by accident

That wasn’t enough to convince the jury.


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