Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Livestock Farmer Attacked; Water Contaminated with Dirty Oil

Police are investigating reports of a suspected deliberate act to contaminate water used by farmer John Cox with dirty oil.

According to reports, last week Friday, the Director of Agriculture, Mr. Gregory Bailey, responded to a report made by livestock farmer Cox who raises cows in the Cades Bay Area.

Cox said when he arrived at the Well to provide his animals with drinking water, it was contaminated with dirty oil. Physical evidence on site suggests that this was done deliberately, according to reports

Cox told authorities that he retrieved clean water from said Well to provide his animals with drinking water three days prior to the discoveries but when he returned to the Well a day later someone had tainted the water.

Mr. Cox and other farmers in the area typically use the Well, particularly when surrounding ponds are low. This specific Well he said is accessible to everyone whether it’s for household uses or livestock and crop farming, as it was reported that the Well is never dry.

Mr. Bailey is extremely concerned that there might be the potential for cross-contamination of surrounding Wells and by extension, the ecosystem and is appealing for the full enforcement of the law, once perpetrators are caught.

“He also expresses how disheartened he is that someone would perform such a malicious act, especially given the fact that Antigua is a water-scarce country. He is also concerned with the effect this will have on the farmers whose main water source during the dry season, was this specific Well”, a statement from the department said

Reports were made to the Johnsons Point police station.


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