Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Vendors and Patrons to Enjoy Different Experiences at Carnival This Year

Officials at the Ministry of Creative Industries and Innovation have made certain modifications at the Antigua Recreation Grounds to ensure patrons and visitors can enjoy the carnival experience and vendors can also make much-needed revenue.

Upon entering the grounds visitors will notice a change to the setting for vendors, instead of lining the area in front of the bathrooms, they will be placed in a particular section on the actual field.

Festivals Minister Daryl Mathew said the aim is to stimulate business for the vendors and improve the cultural experience for patrons.

The vendor’s village is now immediately in front of the Sir Andy Roberts stand.

“The vendors will be set up there, we have picnic tables and they have been lined out properly. We are trying to bring an atmosphere so that when you come into the grounds for a show you don’t have to wall backstage to get something to eat or drink.

“You have an entire area that is properly demarcated and fenced off and the vendors are properly laid out in an orderly fashion and the tents are also properly placed and picnic benches are also there for those who want to sit and enjoy the show while they eat”.

The minister also stated that the ministry was committed to designing the layout for all to enjoy the annual festival- dubbed the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival.

“They are about 45 vendors that are there so it is going to be a really fantastic experience with the different food, bar-be-cue the drinks, and so on. Because of how it is laid out. We have also positioned the stage slightly different from the way it was last year”, Mathew said.

The stage is now facing southwards. Mathew said when one enters the grounds the first thing, they would see is a decorated picture board which one can take their selfies to capture the moment.


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