Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

By-Elections in St Mary’s South Not About Physique

“I wish him all the best in his endeavors”. This was the initial reaction of Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, following the news that he would now have to compete with Dwayne George.

Both Simon and George have been very good friends over the years but now George has been named the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s candidate

“Whoever may come, this is pretty much what I have to say on that, it doesn’t matter as I will be winning back St Mary’s South,” Simon said

When news broke suggestions were made that this will be a political battle focused on physique as both Simon and George are physically fit men.

“Those things are frivolous because I have never campaigned on my physical appearance, I have never said anything about my physical appearance; if people like me, they like me because I am Shugy… for who I am, how I deal with people.

“At the end of the day, I want to be known as a politician that cares about the people, not one that looks good because if somebody is voting for me based on my looks, I think that it is empty because somebody can always come along and look better than me,” he said.

On Thursday, Marshall, through a press statement said she was withdrawing from the race saying she must recognize the clear message sent to her at the last polls.

She said that her decision to step aside was mainly due to her young family and that she will allow others to fight to improve living standards and maintain educational and employment opportunities that will allow the people of St Mary’s South to grow.

Senator Marshall was slated to contest the by-election against Kelvin Simon, who defeated her at the January 18 polls but resigned following an election petition against him.

The newly appointed Leader of Government Business in the Senate tells her supporters that she knows they believe in her and are aware of the challenges she has faced.

She says that despite this, she remains satisfied that under the ABLP, St Mary’s South has grown, and the people of the constituency have greatly benefited.

Senator Marshall says she will support and assist her replacement and hopes by taking this step now, St Mary’s South would be afforded a reasonable opportunity to make an appropriate selection of another who is willing and ready to serve.


  1. Mae

    Two educated young men, one is about the people of the St Mary’s South Constituency bringing development to the area and empowering people, also the entire country at large. The other one is about himself and making Gaston richer while he get the crumbs from Gaston table.
    Dwayne thinks the plans and ideas he have for the constituency will ever fulfilled under Gaston watch. He better come again. He really doesn’t know the labor party or Gaston. Gaston is the one that runs all the government ministries. No ministers can do anything without Gaston says. Gaston done say any constituencies that won by the UPP will have to wait at the end of the line to see development. Dwayne, I am waiting to see how you’re going to get work done in St Mary’s South under Gaston when Shugy won that seat. You’re seeing the nice side of Gaston now, just wait until you lost the by-election. A greed have you so Dwayne. You need to wait on God like King David did. UPP did not look over you, the people of St Mary’s South are ones that choose Shugy, so grow up and stop blaming the UPP.

    • Aurclaire

      Interesting a party that opposes everything to uplift the less fortunate people are the one the cares for all of Wadadli. There is an old saying, A fool ah write but not a fool ah read. Pure hogwash”

      • Anonymous

        The only political party ever uplifted the less fortunates was the UPP. How many small businesses were open under the UPP by Antiguans? Also how many small hotels and guesthouses were opened under the UPP. All the social programs were implemented and executed under the UPP Administration. The labor party government never introduced any social programs nor improved those programs they met when they became the government in 2014. They make billions in CIP revenue, according to the Top Dog. For today after 10 years, where can we see the CIP revenue spent in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. AAB

    It is So Very Sad that the Political Leadership of Our Nation IS So Very Frivolous and Lacking in The Qualifications Needed to maneuver This Ship of State — ANU/BAR!!!!!

    Such A Pity that the MAJORITY of Persons casting Votes on January 18th 2023 could not have seen THIS; along with ALL the Other Characteristics Of This Leadership Body!!!

    Hopefully, The Nonsensical Message sent in the Words of The Captain of The Ship, {in his Explanation for Mr. (Shugy) Simon’s Popularity with the People of his Constituency}; and The Leadership Group’s Decision in the Person chosen to Replace Ms. Samantha Marshall …….
    will NOW Send A Very Clear Message to The Voters of this Country:
    Those Persons who are Presently responsible for the Administration of ANU/BAR are Woefully INADEQUATE!!!!

    Therefore They ALL Must be REMOVED at the “Soon To Be Announced General Elections” in Our Nation of ANU/BAR …….. THIS is Imperative In Order to SAVE our Dear Nation from Impending DISASTER!!!!! Peace! 🌻😇


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