Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

CXC unable to say how the Math paper leak affected the pass rate

CXC; the Caribbean Examination Council has said that they cannot determine just yet, whether the pass rate for the 2023 CSEC Mathematics exam dropped as a result of its decision not to mark Paper Two after it was leaked online.

A few months ago, CXC adjusted its marking scheme after papers were stolen from an examination center in Jamaica, forcing CXC to implement a “modified approach” to grade the mathematics exam.

CXC Director of Operations Dr. Nicole Manning said at a press conference this week that the marking process is ongoing.

She also said a full analysis will be available when the results are released on August 24.

“The marking and grading process for CXC is an objective process managed each year in relation to the submission of the work done by a candidate. Whether there will be an improvement or not that’s really something that will be determined after the process is completed,” she said.

Manning used the gathering to encourage persons who may want to leak papers to think about the consequences it could have on the candidates and the entire CXC

Meanwhile, soon, CXC could also move into adopting an electronic assessment in a number of countries.

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  1. Mea

    We are in a technological world and it’s time CXC examination being done online. This paper work need to be a thing of the past.


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