Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Office of Opposition Leader Needs Attention-Pringle

Jamal Pringle is making another plea for the government to address the deterioration of an office assigned to the Opposition on Lower Market Street

Pringle told parliamentarians that he can no longer use the office because it is not conducive for humans; a situation that he says has been prevailing for years.

He said from having to manually lift the liver inside the tank to flush the toilet, to a broken-down air condition and a leaking roof, it is unbearable to even enter the premises

Pringle said the neglect of the building by the government is unfair and downright wicked

He said an assessment was done many months ago but no action has been taken

“It has deteriorated to a point where I cannot use that building anymore. I wrote several letters to the PS of workers before the elections and since the elections,” Pringle told Parliament

“I have no place to work because I cannot use that office. I think it’s unfair to the people and I think the government should take some responsibility for the condition of that building. I spoke to the owners of the building and the response was to tell the government to pay up the money,” he said

“I am not going to continue any courtesy calls in this building because I have an office. If this government is interested in me or the office of the leader of the Opposition, or my health, or the health of anyone who is coming to visit, they should be eager to get the matter resolved”

Speaker of the House of Assembly Sir Gerald Watt said Pringle’s issue is “genuine” one.

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  1. Mae

    Mr. Pringle, I am sorry to hear of your dilemma. There are lot of buildings in St John’s city need renovations. Some of these buildings are poorly maintained, air conditioning not working, the air in the office is so tight not workers can’t breathe properly, the substitute fans in place of AC are blowing hot air making us hot and sweaty. Most times no water too flushed toilets including water to was your hands. The list goes on and on….


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