Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Carib Seas pledges financial support to Denroy Harrigan’s family

By Observer’s Robert A. Emmanuel


Principals of the shipping company where Denroy “Waka” Harrigan was employed at the time of the incident which led to his untimely passing have offered his family their condolences and pledged financial compensation.

Chairman of Carib Seas Ltd Justin Simon KC said that during an emergency meeting on July 31 with relatives of Harrigan – who died on Monday two weeks after being crushed by a truck at work – a video of the incident was shown detailing the circumstances.

“We had a meeting yesterday with the Port [Authority] and members of the family were also invited, and they wanted to see the video clip of the incident because the Port was able to capture it on camera.

“It was very clear what happened was really accidental and the driver of the vehicle has admitted that he was distracted,” Simon said.

Harrigan’s family described him as a fun-loving, hard-working man who loved his mother and his dogs. His death was an additional emotional shock to the family as he was the main financial provider for his infirm mother.

The family had recently buried one of Harrigan’s brothers, Edward, who died due to illness a week before Denroy’s tragic incident.

Simon revealed that Edward was also a long-time employee of Carib Seas.

“From my understanding — and I am quoting from Tyrone Simon, Carib Seas Port Manager — [Denroy] was a dedicated worker.


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