Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Greene completes another successful trip for seniors of St. Paul’s seniors

On Thursday, E.P Chet Greene, the parliamentary representative of the St. Paul constituency, treated almost 100 individuals to a full day of activities.

The group consisted of six buses of seniors, along with Greene’s constituency and office staff.

They embarked on a tour of Antigua, starting with a visit to the Housing Development at Paynters.

They then took a drive along the airport road to Hodges Bay, passing by several notable sites, such as the American University of Antigua, which has an enrollment of over 1,000 students.

Additionally, they stopped at the Hodges Bay Club and explored various developments in the northern part of the island.

The tour continued past the West Indies Oil Company facility, with its numerous storage tanks, before arriving at ‘Bridgetown’, the name given to the St John’s City East constituency.

The area features several bridges that help alleviate the chronic issue of stagnant water or flooding during heavy rainfalls.

The tour’s main highlight was the Royalton Hotel, where the seniors were welcomed by the general manager and staff.

Following their interactions with the hotel staff, the group was taken to the Nest restaurant at Valley Church Beach for lunch.

The seniors were treated to performances by several local artists, including Menace XL, Lyricks Man, and Calypso Freddie. The Black Eagle steel band of Liberta provided additional entertainment during lunch.

Greene expressed his delight with the outing and described it as a joyous experience for both the seniors and himself. He saw it as an opportunity to give back to those who have supported him over the past ten years.

The senior’s excursion and the summer camp for young people are two annual events organized by the parliamentary representative for the people of St. Paul.


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