Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

While you were sleeping: CBH staff cleans overnight

It is an understatement to say that the Central Board of Health workers get much done each night, especially during the carnival season.

These men and women have been working tirelessly to sanitize the city once all the festivities and events are over.

They start their duties in the early morning, while everyone is asleep, and perform tasks such as power washing sidewalks, eliminating urine smell in certain city areas, and collecting garbage at the ARG Ground.

“It has been work none stop for team CBH since the start of the carnival season. We have staff cleaning inside of ARG right after each show and in the streets of St Johns. We have staff responsible for cleaning the toilet facilities at ARG…” Senior Health Inspector Julianne Mannix

She said staff would flush down the city using water trucks, especially in known hotspots where people urinate.

“Right after the flushing, a team would use a string disinfectant to eliminate the odor. While you are sleeping, we are working. The staff usually have just enough time to go home and prepare to return for the 8 o’clock hour”, Mannix said.


  1. Anonymous

    Kudos to the staff. Can’t be easy especially during this season with the extra littering

  2. Anonymous

    We appreciate the work that cbh workers are doing,thank you.


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