Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

2023 Panorama Deemed a Success

By Aabigale McIntosh


In anticipation of the upcoming official postmortem, scheduled for the weeks ahead, the chief of the Panorama subcommittee has provided a favorable assessment of the show, despite encountering a few minor challenges.

Although the show encountered a delayed commencement due to unforeseen circumstances, it proceeded smoothly from beginning to end.

The Hellsgate Steel Orchestra from Caribbean Union Bank secured four impressive consecutive victories, showcasing their exceptional rendition of Tian Winter’s “No Weapon.”

Jerry Aska, the Chair of the Sub-Committee, deemed the show worthy of approval. He remarked, “Apart from the delayed start, the event can be considered a triumph, and I extend my congratulations to all the performers and participants.”

Notably, he highlighted the substantial presence of young musicians, who constituted a significant portion of the eight participating bands in the State Insurance Company Limited Panorama Competition.

Aska emphasized the subcommittee’s ongoing pursuit of a developmental program involving collaboration with all the bands.

“Besides the late start, the show was successful, and I just want to congratulate all the players and participants”.

He also said what was noticeable was the huge crop of young players who made up a significant amount of the players in each of the 8 bands that participated in the State Insurance Company Limited Panorama Competition.

“We continue to want a development program with the assistance of all the bands. We are looking forward, and we are hoping that right after the carnival, we can sit and look at the negatives and from there, we can plan,” Aska said.

Furthermore, he thanked the primary sponsor, State Insurance, for their steadfast support throughout the years.


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