Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Thong and G-String Culture Invades Antigua’s Carnival Celebrations

A prominent legal expert has expressed concerns over the lack of a dress code amongst revelers during carnival celebrations in Antigua and Barbuda.

The lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, believes that this year’s carnival has witnessed a significant level of nudity, which may not be suitable for children.

“When I went to town and saw what I saw, I was troubled because children have the right to be in the carnival. Parents have the right to bring their children to participate. Is this thing going too far? he said

According to the lawyer, carnival is a time to reflect on liberation from slavery and for children to enjoy parades and costumes.

However, he said the nudity may affect the children, admitting that he could not take his children to St John’s due to this concern.

Women of all sizes have been seen wearing bikinis on the streets during T-Shirt Mas and J’ouvert, with some opting for smaller Brazilian bikinis or those featuring only a thin strip that covers their rear.

The lawyer is not alone in his concern, as many people share the same sentiment over social media.

“The purpose of carnival is to celebrate the abolishment of slavery, the freedom of the human spirit from oppression, and the consequences of slavery. However, the carnival has become more like a fashion show, with a focus on who can wear the least amount of clothing,” he said

“What is the purpose of carnival? Historically, it is to celebrate the abolishment of slavery, the freedom of the human spirit from oppression, and the consequences of slavery. So much gyration. Is that really what we want carnival to be remembered as? Is it what it is?”

The lawyer believes that the government should rethink the carnival’s purpose and whether wearing the least amount of clothing is a true reflection of the festival.

“I think those responsible should have a serious rethink of the purpose of the carnival and whether the practice of wearing the least number of clothes is the purpose and a true reflection of the carnival,” he said.

However, the Minister responsible for the carnival, Daryll Mathew, believes that morality cannot be legislated and that the government cannot introduce any dress code during the carnival.

According to Mathew, the issue of nudity is pervasive throughout the Caribbean and the diaspora, and it isn’t easy to find a solution to address it.

“It is difficult for me to find a solution to address it. As bad as it is, it is not unique to Antigua and Barbuda. It is pervasive throughout the Caribbean and also the diaspora.  For some reason, women either get increased confidence or the costumes and attire get smaller. It is a commentary that we hear all the time but short of any concrete recommendations; I am not sure where we go with that”, he said.


  1. Bridget Luke

    Well well well said the old man because we have lost our way where we have special days for whorinism and vulgarness in the country and the top heads like to see it, so that they can choose who ever they sexual desires are pinned to spread lawlessness through the land, so the minister is not going to say nothing better, because he dont want to sound is going against grains of carnival

    • The King

      What do you all expect when year after year homage and worship is being given to satan under the guise of carnival and what it represents.

  2. Anonymous

    Women should have more decently dress, how is it the men costumes are not revealing, I believe if a woman walk through St John’s or Market Street on a normal day everyone would think she’s mental and the police would want to arrest her.

    • RasTruth

      Stop this myth about carnival being about emancipation. It happens to be around 1st August.That is all. Check your history. It was first about Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and then about tourism/an economic activity at a dead time of the year. So have the morality discussion if you like but don’t bring slavery into it.

      • Anonymous

        Things change I guess. I agree it is not for children anymore unless they introduce some kind of dress code or have a separate family fete or parade vs one for adults only later in the day. I guess children can just go to the children’s carnival now. Personally, I wouldn’t even take my children to children’s carnival because that would suggest to them that I agree with what goes on at the grown up event these day. But, for those who want their children to participate in carnival, the children’s carnival would be the only decent option right now.

      • Anonymous

        It was the 2nd June..

    • Anonymous

      You know what will make this stop?when a serial rapist come on the scene.

      • Anonymous

        They already there, they just waiting on the right moment, they ready see who they want it’s a matter of time.

  3. Anonymous

    Well what my little country come through Christians we got to do some serious 🙏 and fasting to save our country while we adopt people culture .we going like Sodom and Gomorrah iam asking a question do we want God wrath iam sure not Christians let us awake from our sleep please let us arise stand for righteousness and holiness ,let us turn from our wickedness seek God face ask forgiveness and he will surely heal our land truly our land need healing . Help us Lord please God save our nation,I 🙏 in the mighty name of Jesus righteousness and holiness will prevail in our little island Antigua and Barbuda Jesus help us Lord in Jesus mighty name.Surelyman cover they self but what really happened to woman know shame , these days man know what under ladies clothes before it wasn’t so ,what are we teaching our youths for today when we finish we cry them down don’t we feal man walk on the road I will answer that question yes men walk on the road and they HV feelings.I will ask the question why the Government can’t do nothing if is drugs they will do something,but one thing what shall it profit if we loose our soul and gain the world it shall profit us nothing and the love of money is evil nice to HV money but the love of it is evil.We can do better how is it we say we are Christians nation what lie if we’re we will never never behave so lewdness what happing we gone crazy we for get what we went through with COVID is COVID gone?.Instead we HV time out with God giving him thanks and praise for what we went through we truly HV altimzier we better get back we God as a nation and stop our nonsense can we paying attention ,do we see we getting earthquake upon earthquake , hurricane by pass our

  4. Anon

    The children’s carnival activities, awards, prizes etc. should definitely be kept separate on a different day from the adults, and children should be at home with trusted guardians on adult days if parents really want to play mas. Children should not have to see that kind of thing in the streets at a young age. Times have changed. Have to find new things for children to do if things are so bad now with carnival, tv etc.

  5. Anonymous

    The minister really doesn’t seem keen on making any changes. I don’t buy his lame reactions.

  6. Anonymous

    Seems yo me thst people on the Carnival committee are doing things according to their fedish. Things needs to change we can’t be like Trinidad or the Virgin Islands nakedness and don’t give 2 shits about respecting our elders and the future generation, it’s not good. Need to change, we need to be “US” different from the rest, we were never like that. 🇦🇬


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