Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

UPP Candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon Hails the Urlings Seafood Fest a Huge Success

Families and friends came together to enjoy a day filled with delicious seafood and the warm hospitality the island’s southern side is known for.

On the 13th of August, the Urlings Seafood Fest took place at the Fisheries Complex.

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, a UPP candidate, expressed enjoyment in welcoming visitors to Urlings and celebrating the local fisher folk, farmers, chefs, and entertainers.

The event also attracts tourists and helps stimulate the growth of the tourism industry and other business sectors.

Additionally, it highlights the local music, heritage, arts, and crafts of the south.

The Seafood Festival was launched in 2009 by Hon. Hilson Baptiste, former MP and Minister of Fisheries, to instill a sense of pride and unity within the community while encouraging the public to eat more seafood.

The St. Mary’s South community is now gearing up for the Piango Fest, previously known as Mango Fest, which will take place on the 19th and 20th of August at the Cades Bay Agricultural Station.

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  1. Mae

    Is the Cades Bay Agriculture Station still in operation?


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