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Editorial Staff

Zamoni Brings the Vibrance of Antiguan Music and Culture to Bali and Beyond

In a groundbreaking move, Zamoni, the sensational Antiguan artiste, is embarking on a global tour named the “Beg Who Tour” following the exhilarating Carnival festivities.

Spanning across key cities like London, New York, Switzerland, Miami, and Bali, this tour is set to mark history as Zamoni becomes the first Antiguan artiste to grace the stages of Bali and partake in their own carnival celebrations.

Anticipation is soaring as Zamoni prepares to captivate audiences worldwide, not only by showcasing his musical prowess but also by sharing the rich cultural tapestry of Antigua.

An exciting highlight of this journey will be Zamoni’s participation in London’s illustrious Notting Hill Carnival, an event known for its grandeur and global acclaim, solidifying his presence on the international music scene.

With a resolute aim to promote his distinctive musical style and the vibrant Antiguan culture, the “Beg Who Tour” will serve as a conduit for Zamoni to forge deeper connections with his dedicated fanbase scattered across the globe.

Through this whirlwind tour, Zamoni’s melodious rhythms and energetic performances will transcend borders, creating a harmonious bridge between cultures and celebrating unity through music.

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