Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Editorial Staff
7 months ago

Gov’ts Could Engage Inter Caribbean Airways Following Customer Concerns

Inter Caribbean Airways may face engagement from the Antigua and Barbuda government regarding customer experience concerns, such as flight delays and cancellations and proper compensation.

Guyana’s Honorary Consul has already made a call for action earlier this month.

Early this month, Robert Reis, the Guyana honorary consul in Antigua and Barbuda, called for both governments to hold talks with the airline since they granted permission for it to operate within the region.

This allowance, he added, means they are “rightfully positioned to insist that the contractual service agreements are honored”.

Since then, the Guyanese government has warned the Turks and Caicos-based carrier that it could face sanctions if it does not avoid prolonged flight delays and cancellations.

That country’s Aviation Minister, Juan Edghill, said senior government officials and Guyana Civil Aviation Authority representatives met with InterCaribbean officials last week to address travellers’ concerns.

He revealed that the airline has indicated there were issues with the crew and other internal matters but made commitments to improve handling in Barbados and secure additional aircraft to address the delays.


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