Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Weekend showers add up to about 2.5 inches of rain

By Zaya Williams

Over the weekend, Antigua experienced a barrage of rain showers that covered some places with over two inches of rain.

In the wake of this prolonged showers, Dale Destin, Director of Meteorological Services, has offered key insights into the precipitation levels experienced by the country.

Dale Destin highlighted specific regions that bore the brunt of the heavy rain. Cobbs Cross, Orange Valley, the Stadium, and adjacent areas emerged as the locations that appeared to have received the highest amounts of rainfall during this period.

Reflecting on the accumulated data, Destin affirmed, “Maximum totals for yesterday across Antigua look to be peaking at 2.5 inches or thereabout.”

Destin anticipates a gradual decrease in the amount of precipitation over the upcoming week. He outlined the anticipated trends, sharing, “We are not projecting a lot more rain today. We are looking at a possible rainfall total for today in the range of one to five millimetres. By tomorrow, the possibility of rainfall will drop to zero to one millimetre, and this pattern is likely to persist for the remainder of the week.”

In the midst of these weather patterns, the Meteorologist took the opportunity to remind residents of the ongoing hurricane season. He emphasized, “We are in the thick of the hurricane season.”

With the knowledge that the bulk of the season’s activity is expected from August 20th onwards, he stated, “We are looking at 85 percent on average of the season taking place in terms of activity from this point onward.”


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