Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

South Korean company explores business opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda

The SK Group, which is the second-largest company in South Korea, has expressed its interest in doing business in Antigua and Barbuda.

During a meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister E.P. Chet Greene, the chairman of the SK Supex Council, Cho Daesik, led a delegation from the Group to explore opportunities with both the government and the private sector.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was unable to attend the meeting as he is currently out of state. Minister Greene welcomed the delegation and expressed his hope that this venture would strengthen the existing ties between Antigua and Barbuda and South Korea.

Former Ambassador Seonghoa Hong, representing the South Korean government, explained that his country is seeking to establish a more systematic, institutional, and sustainable relationship with Antigua and Barbuda.

The SK Group’s expertise lies in solutions to challenges faced by humanity and future technologies. Chairman Daesik described the Group as a leading company operating in South Korea in various areas, including semiconductors, telecommunications, energy, and the bio-pharma industries.

The Group is also a leader in waste-water recycling, carbon capture, and renewable energy. The SK Vice Chairman, Dong-Hyun Jang, identified four areas for partnership with Antigua and Barbuda: renewable energy, the environment, IT infrastructure, and tourism promotion.

Minister Greene welcomed the proposals and pledged to take them to his Cabinet colleagues for further review. Minister Greene carefully considered the proposals presented by the South Korean businessmen.

He identified a few areas that could benefit from further discussion with the relevant local authorities. He promised to bring the proposals to his Cabinet colleagues for further review.


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