Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Day Two of PiAngo Fest Moves to the City on Sunday

The Ministry of Agriculture has rescheduled Day Two of the annual PiAngo Fest due to rain.

The event will now occur on Sunday, August 27, at the TN Kirnon School.

The organizing committee spokesman has stated that several events planned for last Sunday were canceled due to the weather conditions.

The agro-processing competition has already been judged, but the winners have yet to be announced.

The mango and pineapple eating competitions will take place on the rescheduled date, and performers will also take to the stage.

The vendors will also have another opportunity to do brisk business. The decision to stage the event at TN Kirnon School makes it more accessible to suburban communities surrounding St. John’s.

Every year, the Ministry of Agriculture stages the PiAngo festival to encourage people to consume locally-grown products and promote agro-processing.

The festival offers jams, wine, jellies, sauces, confectioneries, smoothies, and cakes. According to reports, Saturday’s turnout was good, but Sundays draw a bigger crowd.

The organizers are anticipating a good turnout this Sunday.


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