Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

The government rejects top cop’s proposal for a limited state of emergency against crime.

By Aabigayle McIntosh

The proposal by the Police High Command to grant authority for a restricted state of emergency to tackle criminal activities in certain areas has not found favor with the government.

Atley Rodney, the Police Commissioner, revealed that this suggestion was part of several recommendations presented to Ministry of Legal Affairs officials.

These officials are currently in the process of reviewing the laws governing the police department.

According to Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Lionel Max Hurst, the Cabinet’s consensus is that such a measure would be more suitable for larger countries like Jamaica.

He expressed reservations, “There was no backing for the concept of a limited state of emergency. We are not inclined towards it primarily because it infringes upon rights during its enforcement.”

Meanwhile, officers from the St John’s Police Station are set to undergo a temporary relocation to a neighboring facility.

This shift is intended to accommodate essential repair work that has been pending.

According to statements by Hurst to journalists on Thursday, active negotiations are underway with the building’s landlord.

He said that the East Wing of the station will become non-functional due to these repairs. The subpar working conditions have been a subject of prolonged grievances among the police officers.

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  1. Mae

    That is what happened when the government can not control and secure its borders properly. Antigua is a small island and if we check the other small island populations within the Caribbean, Antigua’s population is too high. Right now Antigua’s population is very much diversified with different cultures and behavioural patterns from the immigrant. The leader of the country even said that the native-born or indigenous people are in the minority. There is nothing wrong with people migrating for a better life and future for their families but leaving their culture and behaviour behind, and adopting the culture of Antigua. Another thing, if we look back and remember when the indigenous people were the largest population (the majority), the crime rate was low. The native-born were always quiet and peaceful people, a couple of bad apples among the population. And yes, we are living in the last days and these things are expected because of sins.


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