Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

PM Browne hopeful about LIAT 2020

The future of air travel within the Caribbean region, led by LIAT 2020, is still seen as promising by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

There is growing support for a more dependable air transportation system.

The Prime Minister’s comments followed statements made by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the former chairman of LIAT (1974) Ltd. and the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who expressed interest in investing in the new airline. PM Browne has long emphasized to his regional colleagues the significance of maintaining an airline to move people and goods throughout the area.

However, some governments want to enjoy the benefits of a regional carrier without investing in the airline to ensure its sustainability. This attitude contributed to the grounding of LIAT 1974 Ltd during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Antigua and Barbuda has invested millions of dollars into LIAT 2020 to keep it operating, but it currently lacks the necessary fleet to provide adequate service to the region.

InterCaribbean, another Caribbean airline, has been serving many of the routes previously operated by LIAT 1974 Ltd. However, its service, reliability, and overall operations have faced region-wide criticism, and many in the area are calling for the return of LIAT.

PM Browne believes that a lack of cooperation and collaboration among states is one of the fundamental problems affecting regional integration.

He thinks that the failures of InterCaribbean during this summer have highlighted the need for a reliable airline that can get people to their destinations on time.

Dr. Gonsalves, the leader of St. Lucia, Philip Pierre, and others are interested in investing in LIAT 2020, and PM Browne believes that progress is being made.


  1. Gatesworth James

    Looking on from the outside, I can’t help observing a blatant non committal of Caribbean Governments to this LIAT 2020 that the Antigua Goverment is talking about.
    PM Gonsalves said he has written to the CDB about the regional airvtransportstionvissue and PM Pierre has not affix his position on the 2020 scenario.
    The clear observation is that there is no joint talk/agreement by the PMs on the venture.
    Sequentially, LIAT 1974 is still flying and I have not heard of anyone heading this pronounced 2020 venture. One thing is sure that no politician can do that job. I’m therefore left to wonder what is the level of planning behind this 2020 airline.
    What are the milestones and the timelines?
    Critically, somebody is trying to make noise to fool the unknowledgeable so as to conceal their ignorance.
    The media therefore must endeavor to get all the PMs to speak directly to the issues:
    What are their positions on LIAT 1974?
    What are the alternatives desired?
    Is 2020 one of the desirable options?
    How do they treat with workers, given the track record?
    The weakness of Caricom is conspicuous in the conundrum. They must understand that there are knowledge citizens of the region looking on and available to rescue our people.

    • Anonymous National

      I totally agree with you state.! Please give credible answer without the smoke screen.


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