Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

MP Fernandez provides back-to-school support to over 700 children.

Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez, who serves as the Member of Parliament for St. John’s Rural North, has been leading a back-to-school donation initiative for nine consecutive years.

The aim of this initiative is to alleviate the financial burden on his constituents as they prepare for the school year.

Over the past weekend, MP Fernandez oversaw the distribution of around 700 school bags and essential supplies to grateful parents and children within his constituency.

Each family received school bags equipped with lunch kits, water bottles, activity or coloring books, writing materials, calculators, geometry sets, flash drives, rulers, and crayons.

A team working with the Constituency Representative emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that “Our youth are the bedrock of our future”, saying that equipping students for success is a crucial investment in their education.

“We acknowledge that not every family has the means to provide their children with the necessary tools for a productive learning experience,” the team member added

MP Fernandez’s annual mission is to ensure that our young learners possess the fundamental resources to excel in their studies and the members of his team say providing essential school items not only relieves financial stress for families but also significantly impacts how well-prepared students are for their curriculum.

MP Fernandez sent a personalized message to every student, saying, “Dear Student, as you start a new school year, keep in mind that numerous opportunities are waiting for you. Have faith in your abilities, work hard, and strive for excellence. You are the future leaders of our country, and your potential is limitless.”

The team from St. John’s Rural North emphasized that studies consistently demonstrate that when students have their school supplies, it can improve their academic performance, creativity, learning attitudes, behavior, peer relationships, and self-esteem.

Education is the first step towards breaking the cycle of poverty. With just a collection of basic supplies like pencils and paper, students can pave the way for a promising and successful academic year.


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