Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Wanted Potters Resident Darius Williams Continues to Evade Police

Darius Williams, a man from Potters who escaped from police custody in December 2022, is still at large despite efforts to locate him.

His name continues to appear on court dockets, and just yesterday, the prosecution acknowledged that he has yet to be found.

Williams is facing allegations of being involved in several serious criminal offenses, including breaking and entering, theft, and escaping police custody.

A recent bulletin was released last December in which Williams was listed as “wanted.” Previously, in January 2021, he was also wanted in connection with a break-in at a St. John’s store.

Williams turned himself in and was charged, but he was later granted bail.

However, in late 2022, Williams was arrested again for another matter. He managed to escape from police custody and has been on the run ever since.

It is believed that between November 30 and December 1, 2020, Williams broke into a building on Long Street and stole various items, including alcoholic beverages, electrical transformers, a water pump, money, and other valuables.

As the search for Williams continues, a new court date has been set for November 9.

If you have seen Darius contact any police station or call the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913.


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