Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Firearm licensing and security measures under scrutiny after reports of surge in illegal weapons

By Zaya Williams


Recent revelations about business owners being denied firearm licenses and using illegal means to obtain guns have ignited public debate. Many argue that these denials, given the current surge in robberies, are unjustified.

Damani Tabor, Public Relations Officer of the United Progressive Party, is among those who share this concern. Tabor questions the high rate of firearm license denials for business owners and suggests that granting them this privilege could deter criminals.

He emphasized the importance of encouraging business owners to come forward, saying, “I would think that in this mass crime wave, you would be encouraging more business owners to come forward, of course, do the requisite training and ensure that all who want to defend their property are able so to do and then criminals will say lime think twice.”

Furthermore, Tabor shifted some of the blame onto the government for the growing number of firearms circulating within the country.

“I think the government and the police are morally obligated to allow people to protect themselves because they oversee our porous borders where all these guns come in,” he stated.

Tabor called for a comprehensive re-evaluation of the nation’s border management mechanisms to address this pressing issue effectively.


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