Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Jamaican MP’s Son and Mother Abducted

A member of Parliament (MP) in Jamaica, Phillip Paulwell, has reported that a 10-month-old child and her mother have been missing from their home in St Andrew since Saturday.

The MP has not revealed the identity of the mother and child to protect their privacy. He believes they were abducted and is concerned about their safety, particularly since he has received threats from scammers who hacked into his phone and bank accounts.

Despite the extortionists’ demands, the MP has refused to pay and has reported the situation to the police. He has also increased his security measures.

While he is not intimidated by the extortionists, he is worried about the safety of the missing mother and child.

He hopes that the high-level investigation launched by the police will help find the abductors and reunite the mother and child with their loved ones.

Last week, the MP discovered that his bank accounts had been hacked, and a significant amount of money was stolen. Further checks revealed that attempts had been made to hack other financial institutions where he holds accounts.

He later discovered that his phone had been cloned, and the scammers had access to his email, pictures, and personal and professional messages.

The extortionist demanded $150,000 be deposited in an account provided, threatening to make Paulwell’s information public if he failed to do so.

However, the MP refused to pay, and the extortion demands have been reported to local and international investigators, who have launched a probe.

The MP informed that the international investigators traced the account to which he was asked to pay the money to the United Kingdom and managed to shut it down, recovering some US$600,000.

He has no intention of giving in to the scammers’ demands, despite the threats.


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