Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Government Pursues Comprehensive Mental Health Policy with key focus on abandoned Elderly and Special Needs Children

The government is adopting a more comprehensive approach to address the issue of Mental Health in the nation and is actively pursuing the development of a structured policy that encompasses the care of both abandoned elderly individuals and children with special needs.

The Ministry of Social Transformation has been diligently engaged in this endeavor for an extended period and has formally presented a document to the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda outlining key objectives for the future.

Among the primary goals is the establishment of a dedicated healthcare facility tailored to meet the specific needs of the elderly, notably since the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre lacks the capacity to cater to mental health patients, and Clarevue, the sole psychiatric facility, has its limitations.

Senator Samantha Marshall, the Junior Minister responsible for Social Transformation, is spearheading these efforts.

“The discussion I had with Cabinet had to deal with the issue of us expediting moving forward with developing our Mental Health legislation and having more consultation  with the wider population and also to clearly define out Mental Health policy”, Marshall said.

The ministry is also of the view that Day Care Centers for the elderly are likely to become necessary throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

Cabinet members were also reminded that the Care Project exist to provide living quarters to children with extreme disabilities.

“The Ministry has already stated work. There have been consultations with key stakeholders and NGO’s and they have already started with that. I believe that it is PAHO that is providing some resources ability and support in order for us to look at the Mental Health legislation.

“It means therefore that our work continues even after that bill is completely drafted. The work continues in ensuring the Mental Health Policy is in line with the legislation,” Senator Marshall said.

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  1. Teacher for Life.

    This truly warms my heart as the elderly and the disabled, especially children, are especially dear to me. Thank you Semantha for this benevolent endeavor.


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