Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

More measures in the pipeline to deal with suicide and wellness issues

By Aabigayle McIntosh


September is designated as National Suicide Prevention Month, a period dedicated to honoring the lives lost to suicide and promoting awareness surrounding suicide prevention.

In observance of this important occasion, a medical practitioner in the country is taking innovative steps to enhance awareness.

Dr. Chenelle Joseph, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, is currently offering T-shirts featuring messages related to mental health and suicide prevention as a means to contribute to this awareness-raising effort

“The proceeds from that are to build towards a mental health facility where you can get clinical management and also for someone who needs to be admitted to a facility,

“Suicide is one of those mental health emergencies where you need to be hospitalized until you are deemed face,” Joseph said.

She stated that the facility will also cater to the needs of children with mental health challenges.

“Presently Clarevue is 18 years old and up so if there is a child who is struggling and there is nowhere to go and so these are uniform,” Dr., Joseph said.

Meanwhile, as it relates to mental health Dr. Joseph opined that part of the responsibility falls under individuals to identify the signs and seek help where possible.

She said, however, if a person is in that frame of mind because of mental illness it could be difficult for them to reach out for assistance.

She said in this regard it will be left to family members, communities, and others to recognize the signs and seek help on the person’s behalf.


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