Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Big Plans for St Mary’s South as George Officially Endorsed

Dwayne George, the candidate for St Mary’s South in the upcoming by-election, has firmly committed to helping the constituents in any way possible.

He has announced plans to fence the ball field, resurface the basketball court and provide bathroom facilities, and install lighting in the field.

His goal is to become the next parliamentary representative and make necessary improvements to benefit the people in his area.

“We know that we are self-sufficient and self-sustaining in St. Marty’s South…all the waterways will be cleared regularly…I have already donated tablets to students in schools so that their level of education can be enhanced and upgraded…so that our youths can be brighter for tomorrow,” he added.

George has ambitious plans for his community, which include organizing regular clean-up activities and repairing roadways.

Additionally, he aims to lobby hotels in the constituency to create more employment opportunities for the people of St. Mary’s South.

Despite being labeled as a newcomer by some, George has been working hard on community projects for several years.

He was a former member of the United Progressive Party, but left due to what he said was their lack of concern for individuals with limited financial resources.

In addition, he said the UPP failed to nurture him and other young people within its ranks.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston Browne told thousands of party supporters that the new candidate is talented and will receive support from the ABLP to contribute to the country.

“This man has the interest of the people of St Mary’s South at heart. He deserves to be the MP. He is not a newcomer. He has been in the political vineyard for decades…”, PM Browne said

George has submitted his resignation as Senator, a role he was sworn into just six weeks ago.

George is running for office against Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon of the UPP and Andrew Antonio of the Democratic National Alliance.

Simon won the Constituency’s seat in the January 18 election but resigned as the Parliamentary Representative on June 7.

According to the law, this triggered a by-election that must take place within 120 days from the resignation.

Simon resigned to prevent a lengthy legal battle that negatively impacted the Constituents. The ruling ABLP filed an election petition that questioned Simon’s eligibility for office.

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  1. Anonymous

    People don’t be fooled
    He nar do a thing.
    That is just political genius.
    People just keep a you head on.
    When Samanta was there for 10 years.
    Wat did she do.
    Is the same thing George go do.
    Please be wise.
    Don’t get carried away.


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