Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

One man fined and another to pay restitution for 11 stolen push-up windows

By Zaya Williams


In a recent case, two men have been made to answer to charges in relation to the theft of 11 push-up windows valued at $4,500.

The incident came to light on the morning of September 9 when an officer on duty received a report from a homeowner who was in the midst of renovating his property. Upon inspection, he discovered 11 push-up windows had been stolen from the premises.

Based on the information provided, an investigator visited the residence of Malique Payne and took him into custody for questioning. During the interview, Payne confessed to receiving all 11 windows at 4:30 am on the day in question from another young person- Brandon Murphy.

Payne explained that Murphy had promised to pay him $700 to hold the windows temporarily. However, upon realizing that the items were stolen, Payne claimed that he returned six of them, while Murphy retained five.

As a result of Payne’s admission, the police executed a search warrant at Murphy’s residence and subsequently arrested him. Interestingly, during their encounter at the police station, Payne encouraged Murphy to tell the truth.

Following Payne’s lead, Murphy informed the police of his intention to reimburse the owner for the stolen windows. He later led the authorities to a nearby building where the missing windows were located.

In the legal proceedings that ensued, Payne was made to answer to a charge of receiving the stolen items, while his accomplice, Murphy, faced a larceny charge.

Payne received a fine of $400 for his involvement, whereas Murphy was ordered to pay $2,050 in restitution for the five windows that were recovered in a damaged condition.


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