Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Teen placed on probation and given curfew for firearm charges.

By Zaya Williams


Nineteen-year-old Winston Merrick from Golden Grove has been sentenced to two years of probation after being discovered in possession of a modified flare gun and two shotgun cartridges.

On September 19th, law enforcement officers and soldiers conducted a mobile patrol in the Golden Grove area. While on patrol, they came across the defendant in the company of several other young men.

 Suspecting wrongdoing, the authorities conducted a search, and during this search, they uncovered a Gucci bag within Merrick’s backpack. Inside the bag were a firearm and cartridges, none of which he possessed a valid license.

When questioned by the officers, Merrick claimed he had stumbled upon the weapon.

Merrick acknowledged finding the bag containing the gun near an accident on the same evening.

At the end of yesterday’s court hearing, the Magistrate placed him on probation for two years.

This probation period will be closely monitored with random checks, and the young man will also be subjected to a curfew.

Additionally, he is prohibited from frequenting bars and other establishments with a bad reputation.

 It should be noted that any violation of the terms outlined will result in imprisonment.


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