Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

NODS Wants Residents to Ensure Preparedness Plans in Place for Approaching Phillipe

The Antigua and Barbuda Met Office has issued a Tropical Cyclone Alert for Antigua, indicating that a tropical cyclone is approaching the monitored area.

This could lead to the issuance of watches or warnings within the next 24 hours.

The Met Office expects a tropical storm watch to be issued later today as it closely monitors the progress of Tropical Storm Phillipe (phil-leep).

Residents are advised to ensure that their preparedness plans are in place, including adequate supplies of canned and non-perishable foods, water for at least three days, personal hygiene items, flashlights, batteries, medications, important documents, first aid kits, and infant supplies. If relocating to a shelter, residents should pack these items along with blankets or sheets.

Residents should stay tuned to local media for updates on the latest information regarding tropical storm Phillipe.

The storm is expected to move west to west-northwest over the next few days. According to the Met Office, little change in strength is predicted for the next day or two, with slow weakening expected over the weekend.


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