Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Barbudans advised not to engage in unlawful acts

The Minister of National Security and Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, has issued a stern warning to the people of Barbuda, urging them not to engage in any illegal activities.

This came after reports from Codrington accused members of the Barbuda Council of inciting people to occupy lands and fence them off as their own.

The Council allegedly planned to issue certificates to these individuals, but the Attorney General emphasized that such actions would be illegal, and members of the Council who encouraged Barbudans to break the law would face consequences.

The Attorney General reminded the public that the Privy Council had ruled that all lands in Barbuda belong to the crown, and the Council had no right to encourage people to occupy them.

He described the Council’s actions as malicious, misleading, and wrong, and emphasized that the government would not hesitate to uphold the law.

An investigation is currently underway to determine the statements made by the Council member in question, and the government will take appropriate action based on the findings.

The Attorney General made it clear that there will be no tolerance for any attempts to incite lawlessness or public disturbance in Barbuda.

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  1. Anonymous National

    Why, because he wants to give the land away ti rhe rich people


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