Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Hope on the Horizon as OCS Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Ottos Comprehensive School is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Principal Forster Roberts is proud of its contribution to Antigua and Barbuda’s education.

During the launch of the anniversary activities, Roberts recounted the school’s humble beginnings in 1974 with just 7 to 9 teachers in the Treasury yard.

The Ottos Comprehensive School has produced many distinguished individuals in Antigua and Barbuda, including police officers, medical professionals, sports enthusiasts, and those who have excelled in education.

However, Principal Roberts believes the school’s achievements have not been recognized enough.

He stated that if the school’s high achievers came from another school, they would have received more media attention.

He called for a fair chance for Ottos Comprehensive School’s students to be recognized as potential achievers in their own right. Roberts also encouraged past students to return and give back to the school, as the doors of Ottos Comprehensive School are always open.

Over the years, the school has grown from 93 teachers to over 600 students. Meanwhile, Director of Education Clare Browne, who is a former student of the Ottos Comprehensive School, highlighted the school’s significant contribution to the country and the world.

Browne praised the school for producing some of the greatest minds in Antigua and Barbuda. He stated that the school would not wait for recognition, but would celebrate their achievements.

Browne also commended current and past teachers and students and encouraged them to embrace the bright future.

Minister of Education Daryll Mathew expressed that the government will continue to support the country’s young people. He encouraged current students to continue to build the institution.

Mathew noted that the Ottos Comprehensive School had a more important role to play in society as it accommodated students who were not from the opulent society.

He stated that the school had an obligation to lift families out of poverty through education.

The school has produced persons who are considered icons in Antigua and Barbuda, he added.

The celebration is organized under the theme “Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future,” and several well-planned activities are scheduled.

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