Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court to Deliver Ruling on Alfa Nero Superyacht Appeal

By Aabigayle McIntosh


The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court is to hand down its verdict in the appeal concerning the Alfa Nero Superyacht.

Russian national Yulia Gurieva Motlokhov is seeking the court’s authorization to halt the completion of the yacht’s sale, following her earlier unsuccessful attempt in the High Court.

The court held hearings on this matter on Friday, September 22nd, and subsequently deferred its decision.

Lionel “Max” Hurst, the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, revealed that the second-highest bidder is eager to finalize the acquisition of the luxury yacht.

“We have seen a determination on the part of the second buyer to have that vessel, clearly, he wants to have that vessel and we want to sell him that vessel. Now there is a matter coming up some day next week where the court will very likely share its judgement with us. I believe that after that second highest bidder can have assurances from the government that all litigation and every protection can be afforded him”, Hurst said.

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  1. Man on the sea

    Max I want Putin to send a bomb straight in your mouth, dam idiot u are !


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