Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

No major damages reported in St. Mary’s South

Any potential impact in the St Mary’s South constituency was averted amid precautionary measures taken by the Antigua Barbuda Labor Party candidate in that constituency Dwayne George.

In an exclusive interview with Antigua.news, George who was unblocking one of the gutters in Urlings said several of the banana and plantain trees had fallen but the community hadn’t suffered any significant damage.

 “I know that the waterways still need some work, and we are working tirelessly to get those sorted out so in the instance that we get more water, it can run through freely.

We needed the rain, just to ensure that the infrastructure is ready and prepared to accept the rain”, George told our newsroom.

He added, “There have been no reports of flooding. We had already started working on the waterways in the constituency, so we managed to alleviate a lot of the issues of flooding in the area.”

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  1. Man on the sea

    Boy that labor party shirt should just start getting tighter and tighter on u until it squeeze u to death, fu*king judas u are , in some countries u surely would have been a goner , you have no pride , you’re a real dog , and if u have wife and children they should loose all respect for u , you cannot be trusted.


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