Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Former Miss Antigua celebrates 100th birthday

Antigua and Barbuda is celebrating a new centenarian today, as Ruth Henry has turned 100 years old.

According to a post by the Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource, Ruth was born on October 3, 1923, at her home on St Mary’s Street to Roland and Therese Henry.

She was the eldest of eight children. Ruth attended Antigua Girls’ High School from May 1930 to December 1941, where she passed the required level for exemption from the Matriculation of the University of London and obtained a Distinction in English Language.

In 1948, Ruth was crowned Miss Antigua. Ruth later moved to New York, where she worked in the Social Affairs Department of the Human Rights Division at the United Nations.

In New York, she met Eric Adjorlolo, a journalism student from the Gold Coast studying at Columbia University, whom she married in 1952.

Over the years, Ruth has traveled extensively with her husband and on her own.

She has worked in various organizations, mainly in public relations and media.

Ruth is known for her great sense of humor and strong faith.


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