Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

4 Schoolboys in Jamaica Charged with the Rape of female schoolmate

Source:Nationwide Newnet


Four schoolboys have been charged with rape following the sexual assault of one of their female schoolmates at a high school in St. Ann.

The incident reportedly occurred on September 8.

Head of the St. Ann Police, Senior Superintendent Dwight Powell, has confirmed there was an incident and that it involved minors. But he would not give any further details.

The schoolgirl and one of the boys, her boyfriend, arranged to have sexual intercourse at the school.

However, his three other friends turned up at the school. It’s reported all four of them sexually assaulted the girl.

She was hospitalized following the incident.

The four schoolboys were later picked up at their homes, although one eluded police for several days.

They were arrested and later charged with rape, aiding, and abetting rape following an identification parade. 

While in custody, they were held at a child-friendly police station south of St. Ann.

The four schoolboys have made two appearances in court since their arrest, including sometime this week, when they were offered bail.

The matter is only now coming to light because a Ministry of Education officer reported the incident to the school board on Tuesday. 


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