Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Temporary structure to replace fire-ravaged AYC Marina complex.

​Following the fire incident that ravaged the Antigua Yacht Club (AYC) Marina complex at Falmouth Harbour on 3rd October, the Managing Director, Shaun Falcone, has confirmed that a temporary structure will be put in place by January 2024.

Cleaning of the premises began on Friday with the aim of completing it by the middle to end of next week before starting the demolition process.

Falcone stated that the owners have plans to rebuild a permanent structure in the future, but it will take at least two and a half to three years for the new structure to be operational.

The fire destroyed two of the marina’s offices and eight other businesses, including Skullduggery’s Cafe, the Antigua Yacht Club Gym, Turtles Surf, Axxess Marine, the Sea Breeze Café, Dockside Liquors and Supermarket, Cloggy’s restaurant, and BWA Yachting Ltd.

Falcone also shared the findings of their internal investigations into the fire, stating that the switchbox for their internet and camera lines, which was about 150 feet away from the main office, had melted, and the box itself was burnt, indicating a major power surge.

Formal investigations into the circumstances leading to the fire are still ongoing by the fire department.


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