Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Fake Facebook Profile Reportedly Created by Opposition Under Investigations

Press Statement


The Office of the Prime Minister has discovered that operatives within the Opposition have become so desperate as the by-election in St. Mary’s South nears, that they have gone about creating a fake profile of Gaston Brown(e), with an e missing from Browne, using foul language and an unusual photo to vilify, slander and libel the Prime Minister.

The barely literate operatives have created the fake profile in the hopes of persuading youthful electors—the people who are most likely to consume the on-line trashy material which the specific website offers—to reduce their faith in the very successful nine-year tenure of Prime Minister Browne.

Those operatives are hoping to swing youthful voters away from the growing support won over by the ABLP candidate for St. Mary’s South, by diminishing the high standard that has characterized the Prime Minister’s appeal.

The fake profile has been reported to the appropriate website and it is expected that it will shortly be taken down.

The desperation of the Opposition has become so palpable that they would set about to undertake a criminal act by pretending that the real Gaston Browne has created a profile, knowing very well that it is their own fake and false creation.

The people and the electors of Antigua and Barbuda are to trust the Opposition even less than they did in January 2023 when they rendered a judgment against them.


  1. Anonymous National

    think this was created by labor themselves to try and blame the opposition.

  2. Anonymous

    🤣 isn’t it the same face?fake or not,it doesn’t matter.


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